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Mungiki Movement (Kenya)


"Mungiki members censured"
("Daily Nation," December 21, 2000)

"Why Won't the State Clip Them Dreadlocks?"
John Githongo ("The East African-Nairobi," November 15, 2000)

"Kenya's Outlawed Sect Members Arrested After Battling Police"
(Panafrican News Agency, November 13, 2000)

"Women in demo over dress code"
by Hannah Gakuo ("Daily Nation," November 5, 2000)

"Five Mungiki members held"
("Daily Nation-Kenya," October 30, 2000)

"Exposed, Terror Gang of Kayole"
("The Nation," October 25, 2000)

"Abong'o outlaws Mungiki meetings"
("Daily Nation," October 26, 2000)

"Clampdown after sect strips women"
by Alice Muthengi ("BBC," October 26, 2000)

"Fury At Attacks Against Women"
("The Nation-Nairobi," October 24, 2000)

"What makes Mungiki tick?"
by Murthui Mwai ("Daily Nation," October 23, 2000)

"Mungiki members jailed"
by Bob Odalo ("Daily Nation," October 5, 2000)

"Mungiki attack officer dies"
by Muchemi Wachira & Marcharia Wan Mwati ("Daily Nation," September 26, 2000)

"Outcry on Mungiki converts"
by Patrick Mayoyo ("Daily Nation," September 6, 2000)

"Mungiki Leaders Convert to Islam"
("The Nation-Nairobi," September 3, 2000)

"Kenyan Churches Alarmed By Spread of "Mungiki" Sect"
("Panafrican News Agency," September 3, 2000)

"Mungiki men in bid to join Islam"
by Michael Njuguna ("Daily Nation" [Kenya], June 1, 2000)

"Mungiki followers sidestep police net"
("Daily Nation", May 29, 2000)

"Register Mungiki, lawyer demands"
by Nation Correspondent, May 9, 2000

"Mungiki' Sect Suspects At Prison Clinic"
by Nation Team ("The Nation" (Nairobi), May 1, 2000)

"The shadowy world of Mungiki"
by Ken Opala ("Daily Nation" (Kenya), April 24, 2000)

"Eight shot as sect battles police"
by Mugo Njeru ("Daily Nation" (Kenya), April 24, 2000)

4 DECEMBER 1998 - Amnesty International Kenya

MP denies abuse claims
by Nation Correspondent, November 27, 1998

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