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Mungiki Movement (Kenya)


"Three Are Killed in City Slum" by Wahome Thuku ("The Nation," December 14, 2001)

"15 Mungiki members arrested" by Nancy Khisa ("The East African Standard," December 1, 2001)

"Mungiki has been demonised and misunderstood" ("Daily Nation," November 28, 2001)

"Court Summons Police Chief Over Mungiki Man's Arrest" by Eliud Chisika ("The East African Standard," November 23, 2001)

"Crackdown on Religious Sect" (MISNA, November 22, 2001)

"Kenya police arrest sect members" (Reuters, November 21, 2001)

"Top Mungiki Man Arrested" by Dominic Wabala And Nancy Khisa ("The East African Standard," November 20, 2001)

"Is Mungiki a Religious Sect Or Political Body?" by Njonjo Kihuria ("The East African Standard," November 18, 2001)

"Mungiki Vow to Take Over All Matatu Termini" by Athman Amran And Nancy Khisa ("The East African Standard," November 15, 2001)

"Where Do The Mungiki Get Confidence From" by Waithaka Waihenya ("The East African Standard," November 15, 2001)

"Mungiki Eye More Routes" by Dennis Sanjay And Athman Amran ("The East African Standard," November 12, 2001)

"Mungiki take over Thika, Murang'a matatu route" ("The East African Standard," November 10, 2001)

"Creating a Monster That Will Devour All?" by Douglas Okwatch ("East African Standard," November 5, 2001)

"It's illegal for Mungiki and others to collect taxes" ("Daily Nation," October 17, 2001)

"Police Foil Mungiki Plan" ("The Nation," October 15, 2001)

"Urban gangsters are playing Mother Teresa" by Gitau Warigi ("Sunday Nation," October 14, 2001)

"Four die in Nairobi minibus wars" ("BBC News," October 9, 2001)

"Three Slain Over Commuter Route Dispute" by Stephen Muiruri ("The Nation," September 18, 2001)

"How Youthful Leaders Rose to Head Unregistered Group" by Mburu Mwangi ("The Nation," September 9, 2001)

"Why Mungiki's Change of Tactics Raises a Tumult" ("The Nation," September 9, 2001)

"Mungiki's Astonishing Transformation" by Odhiambo Orlale ("The Nation," August 10, 2001)

"Quit Politics, Sect Leader Urges Kibaki" by Oliver Musembi and Odhiambo Orlale ("The Nation," August 6, 2001)

"6 arrested in Mungiki foiled demo" by Muriithi Muriuki ("Nation Newspapers," April 19, 2001)

"Kenya police disperse protesters from shadowy sect" (Reuters, April 18, 2001)

"Cops tear-gas Kenyan sect" (AFP, April 18, 2001)

"Police kill Mungiki member" ("Nation News," April 3, 2001)

"Mungiki Officials Call For A Truce" ("The Nation," (Nairobi) February 6, 2001)

"Shot Mungiki member dies" by Stephen Muiruri and Bob Odalo ("Daily Nation," January 16, 2001)


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