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Aum Shinri-kyo and Related Controversies


1. Killing Fields: Lifton, Brainwashing, and Aum Shinri-kyo

A Review of Robert Jay Lifton's "Destroying the World to Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence and the New Global Terrorism" (Metropolitan Books Henry Holt and Company, New York 1999) by Massimo Introvigne

2. Related Relevant Articles

"Russian Aum plotters face 8-year jail terms" ("Japan Today," December 29, 2001)

"Death sentence sought for senior Aum figure" ("Japan Times", December 27, 2001)

"Joyu says he will become AUM leader in late January" (December 27, 2001)

"Death Penalty Sought in Japan Trial " ("Seattle Post-Intelligencer," December 26, 2001)

"Aum trying to increase its appeal" ("Japan Today," December 23, 2001)

"Russia refuses entry of 16 Aum members" ("Japan Today," December 19, 2001)

"Court upholds death sentence for ex-AUM cultist" ("Japan Today," December 13, 2001)

"Aum member's appeal denied; death penalty ruling upheld" ("Tokyo Shimbun, December 13, 2001)

"Aum member wins appeal in Nagoya District Court" ("Tokyo Shimbun," December 12, 2001)

"Trial opens for Russian Aum cult members " by Anatoly Medetsky ("Vladivostok News," December 6, 2001)

"AUM members planned terror attack near Imperial Palace" (Kyodo News Service, December 5, 2001)

"Russian members of Japan's Aum sect go on trial" by Oleg Zhunusov (Reuters, December 5, 2001)

"Deadly AUM cult in new software venture and Russia chapter" ("Japan Today," November 27, 2001)

"Japan cult 'to compensate victims'" (BBC News, November 27, 2001)

"AUM survivors plead for no alteration to guru's trial" ("Mainichi," November 7, 2001)

"Apocalyptic cult methods explain bin Laden" by Patricia Pearson ("USA Today," (Editorial) November 5, 2001)

"U.S. freezes Aum Shinrikyo's assets" ("The Japan Times," November 4, 2001)

"Aum bio-attacks opened Pandora's box" by Akihiko Misawa ("Daily Yomiuri," October 26, 2001)

"Asahara's lawyers request 1-yr hiatus " ("Yomiuri Shimbun," October 21, 2001)

"Suita ordered to register Aum residents" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," October 13, 2001)

"Japan still hasn't learned from Aum anthrax attempt" by Linda Sieg ("Japan Today," October 13, 2001)

"Japan Aum Cult's Anthrax Attempt Was Wake-Up Call" by Linda Sieg (Reuters, October 11, 2001)

"Japanese Red Army dropped from U.S. terrorist list, Aum added" (Kyodo News Service, October 5, 2001)

"Years before World Trade Center, Tokyo nerve gas attack showed urban vulnerability" by Eric Talmadge (AP, October 3, 2001)

"A behind-the-scenes look at Aum " by Naomi Tajitsu ("Daily Yomiuri," September 27, 2001)

"Nagoya residents ask ward chief to reject AUM cultists" (Kyodo News Service, September 19, 2001)

"Japan's 1995 sarin attack may foreshadow future" by Linda Sieg (Reuters, September 17, 2001)

"Ex-AUM cultist pleads mind control in death sentence appeal" (Kyodo News Service, September 13, 2001)

"Ex-AUM member Endo apologizes to sarin attack victims" (Kyodo News Service, September 11, 2001)

"High court gives ex-AUM member 17 years for '94 sarin attack" (Kyodo News Service, August 31, 2001)

"AUM members ordered to compensate family of murdered man" (Kyodo News Service, August 29, 2001)

"Japanese sect gave anthrax weapon a dress rehearsal" (AFP, August 29, 2001)

"Joyu hints at assuming leadership of AUM cult in near future" (Kyodo News Service, August 24, 2001)

"Guru doesn't appeal sarin redress " ("The Japan Times," August 10, 2001)

"Death cult boss ruling final" ("Japan Today", August 9, 2001)

"Asahara ordered to pay 464 mil. yen over sarin attack" (Kyodo News Service, July 25, 2001)

"Japan Cult Guru Told to Pay $3.7M" (Associated Press, July 25, 2001)

"AUM Nagoya branch to move to inner city" (Kyodo News Service, July 24, 2001)

"Aum cult case moves to trial stage" by Anatoly Medetsky ("Vladivostok News," July 20, 2001)

"In Maritime Territory Staffers of Russian Secret Service Detained Member of AUM Shinrikyo Sect" ("Pravda," July 16, 2001)

"AUM stockpiles 100s of guru's killer videos" ("Mainichi Shimbun," July 3, 2001)

"Police find AUM founder Asahara's picture in Joyu's room" (Kyodo News Service, July 3, 2001)

"Spiritual Quests in Contemporary Japanese Writers before and after the Aum Affair: Õe Kenzaburõ and Murakami Haruki around 1995", by Michiaki Okuyama - A paper presented at The 2001 Conference in London

"Japan doomsday cult leader's wife loses appeal" (Reuters, June 26, 2001)

"No. of AUM subway attack victims with PTSD signs up from 1998" (Kyodo News Service, June 18, 2001)

"Tokyo court rejects AUM request to void surveillance decision" (Kyodo News Service, June 13, 2001)

"Prosecutors appeal life term for ex-AUM member to high court" (Kyodo News Service, June 12, 2001)

"AUM opens cult facilities to media" (Kyodo News Service, June 6, 2001)

"Aum's Nakamura sentenced to life " ("Yomiuri Shimbun," May 31, 2001)

"Nerve-gas cultist gets life" (AFP, May 30, 2001)

"Ex-AUM member sentenced to life for nerve-gas attack" (Kyodo News Service, May 30, 2001)

"AUM opens up cult facilities, members' rooms to public, media" (Kyodo News Service , May 22, 2001)

"Nagoya building owner slaps eviction order on AUM" (Kyodo News Service, May 16, 2001)

"Victim says AUM guru deserves gassing" ("Mainichi Shimbun," May 11, 2001)

"Kin of subway attack victims testify in guru's trial" (Kyodo News Service, May 10, 2001)

"Ex-terrorist to hire AUM employee for computer store" ("Mainichi Shimbun," May 1, 2001)

"Japanese Red Army's Shigenobu cited in U.S. terrorism report" (Kyodo News Service, April 30, 2001)

"Ryugasaki accepts AUM children's registrations" (Kyodo News Service, April 25, 2001)

"AUM compiles student list" ("Mainichi Shimbun", April 17, 2001)

"Aum membership grew in 2000" ("The Japan Times," April 14, 2001)

"Japan Issues Cult Warning" ("International Herald Tribune," April 14, 2001)

"Aum cult still fundamentally dangerous: government" (AFP, April 13, 2001)

"Japan warns of cult internet boom" ("BBC News," April 13, 2001)

"Japan Says Doomsday Cult Membership Growing Steadily" (AP, April 13, 2001)

"72 local gov'ts received info on AUM in 2000: report" (Kyodo News Service, April 13, 2001)

"Civil suit ruling for Asahara gas attack due July 25" ("Japan Times," April 12, 2001)

"Mainichi ordered to publish correction for AUM story" (Kyodo News Service, April 11, 2001)

"2 AUM cultists held for alleged fraud, document forgery" (Kyodo News Service, April 5, 2001)

"Sarin gas attack victim says Asahara should face death penalty" (Kyodo News Service, April, 5, 2001)

"Group seeks gov't aid for victims of AUM subway gas attack" (Kyodo News Service, March 19, 2001)

"Don't forget Tokyo subway gas attack: survivors and bereaved families" (AFP, March 19, 2001)

"Aum Doomsday Cult Shadows Japan" (AP, March 18, 2001)

"Key Members of the Aum Cult" ("New York Times," March 18, 2001)

"AUM guru may undergo mental tests" ("Mainichi Shimbun ," March 15, 2001)

"Lawyers mull psychiatric tests for Aum cult leader: report" (AFP, March 14, 2001)

"1,000 attend Ibaraki rally to demand AUM pullout" (Kyodo News Service, March 4, 2001)

"Japanese cult wave of the future?" by Anthony C. LoBaido ("World Net Daily," February 28, 2001)

"Plot Uncovered For Sarin Gas Attack in London Subways" ("Worthy News," February 19, 2001)

"Number of AUM cult members decreasing" (Kyodo News Service, February 15, 2001)

"Director of film on AUM gassing awarded at Berlin festival" (Kyodo News Service, February 14, 2001)

"Rightist held after shooting at Aum home " ("Japan Times," February 12, 2001)

"Prosecutors demand life imprisonment for ex-AUM follower" (Kyodo News Service, February 8, 2001)

"Aum facilities inspected by agency" ("Japan Times," Jan. 25, 2001)

"AUM's Joyu moves to Tokyo's Setagawa Ward" (Kyodo News Service, Jan. 25, 2001)

"Agency inspects 2 AUM facilities in Tokyo" (Kyodo News Service, Jan. 24, 2001)

"Asahara's eldest daughter arrested for alleged shoplifting" (Kyodo News Service, January 19, 2001)

"Setagaya-ku residents rally against AUM" ("Mainichi Shimbun," January 10, 2001)

"700 people file protest over AUM followers in neighborhood" (Kyodo News Service, January 9, 2001)

"Man held for taking shots at AUM apartment" ("Mainichi Shimbun," January 6, 2001)

"Man arrested after shots fired at AUM-linked residence" (Kyodo News Service, January 5, 2001)

3. Alternative Views

"Japan's Imperial-Era Society: From the Anti-AUM Movement to the Elimination of all Heterodoxies"
a report by Kenichi Asano (Professor of Journalism, Doshisha University)

"The "De-nationalization" of AUM Followers: Its Hidden Political Purpose"
("Tsukuru", November 1999) 
by Masaaki Fukuda (Professor of Law, Hitotsubashi University)

Aum's Own Website: http://info.aleph.to

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