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Aum Shinri-kyo and Related Controversies

1. Killing Fields: Lifton, Brainwashing, and Aum Shinri-kyo

A Review of Robert Jay Lifton's "Destroying the World to Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence and the New Global Terrorism" (Metropolitan Books Henry Holt and Company, New York 1999) by Massimo Introvigne

2. Related Relevant Articles

"AUM voice heard over end of gov't surveillance" (Mainichi Shimbun, December 25, 2002)

"Canada Adds Hezbollah to Banned Groups" by Tom Cohen (AP, December 11, 2002)

"Joyu slams planned extension of AUM watch" ("Mainichi Daily News," December 09, 2002)

"Aum faces another three years' watch" ("Japan Times," December 03, 2002)

"Japan Security Agency Wants No Let-Up on Aum Cult" (Reuters, December 02, 2002)

"Aum wins redress in residency row" ("Japan Times," November 26, 2002)

"Surveillance extension sought" ("Japan Times," November 24, 2002)

"Aum members launch residency suit" ("The Japan Times," November 20, 2002)

"CIA says Aum poses cyberterror threat" ("Kyodo News", October 29, 2002)

"MPD extends rewards for info on Aum fugitives" ("Yomiuri Shimbun ," October 21, 2002)

"Japan Cult Leader's Wife Released" (AP, October 15, 2002)

"Japanese doomsday cult member gets death penalty for role in 1995 subway nerve gassing" by Kozo Mizoguchi (AP, October 11, 2002)

"Government to extend Aum surveillance 3 years" ("Asahi Shimbun," October 09, 2002)

"Extension sought for Aum watch" ("Japan Times," October 08, 2002)

"Aum founder's wife to leave prison on October 15" ("Kyodo News," September 12, 2002)

"Japan Wrestles With Cult Remnants" (AP, September 11, 2002)

"Death cult makes millions patting people's heads" ("Mainichi Shimbun," August 23, 2002)

"Court orders Yokohama to register AUM priest's new address" ("Kyodo News," August 08, 2002)

"Japan poison cult 'hounded' by police" by Richard Lloyd Parry ("The Independent," July 30, 2002)

"High court cuts sentence for Aum sect member to 15 years in jail" (AFP, July 05, 2002)

"Cult grip: Niimi remains loyal to the Aum founder" ("Asahi Shimbun," June 27, 2002)

"Aum Shinrikyo officer Niimi given death sentence for role in 26 murders" ("Japan Times," June 26, 2002)

"Doomsday cult member sentenced to death in Japanese court" (AP, June 26, 2002)

"Tokyo ward to enact anti-AUM ordinance" ("Mainichi Shimbun," June 5, 2002)

"Cult leader trial resumes in Japan" ("BBC News," May 23, 2002)

"AUM cultist arrested on tax evasion charge" ("Kyodo," May 13, 2002)

"Aum man held over false info on driver's license" ("Kyodo News," April 8, 2002)

"Former Cult Honcho Refused Entry to Kyushu University" ("Mainichi Shimbun," March 29, 2002)

"Japanese Aum cultist gets 10 years for killing fellow disciple" (AFP, March 25, 2002)

"Doomsday cult smaller, still alarming" by Steve Goldstein ("Philadelphia Inquirer," March 18, 2002)

"Japan's leaders learned little from '95 gas attack, some say" by Julie Chao ("The Statesman," March 16, 2002)

'Aum cult still dangerous' says minister" (BBC, March 12, 2002)

"Director shows AUM's other face" by Chie Matsumoto ("Asahi Shimbun," March 05, 2002)

"12-year prison term for former Aum lawyer" ("Kyodo News," February 14, 2002)

"Prosecutors demand death for AUM's sarin maker" ("Mainichi", February 12, 2002)

"Cultist's term upheld for 1994 murder attempt" ("Japan Times", January 31, 2002)

"Joyu to take over AUM leadership on Wed." (Kyodo News Service, January 29, 2002)

"Japan cult plotters sentenced in Russia" ("BBC News", January 23, 2002)

"AUM busted over illegal job placements" ("Mainichi Shimbun," January 16, 2002)

"Trial of Japanese cult leader hits halfway after six years" (Reuters, January 11, 2002)

3. Alternative Views

"Japan's Imperial-Era Society: From the Anti-AUM Movement to the Elimination of all Heterodoxies"
a report by Kenichi Asano (Professor of Journalism, Doshisha University)

"The "De-nationalization" of AUM Followers: Its Hidden Political Purpose"
("Tsukuru", November 1999) 
by Masaaki Fukuda (Professor of Law, Hitotsubashi University)

Aum's Own Website: http://info.aleph.to

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