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Tragedy in Uganda: the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, a Post-Catholic Movement

Kanungu e la «setta del suicidio». Il «migliore resoconto disponibile», di Massimo Introvigne

"Tragedy in Uganda: the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God, a Post-Catholic Movement" by Massimo Introvigne (updated: April 5, 2000)

"Tragedia in Uganda: la "Restaurazione dei Dieci Comandamenti di Dio", un movimento post-cattolico" (in Italian)
di Massimo Introvigne (aggiornato: 5 aprile 2000)

"A Tentative First Report on the Deaths in Uganda"
by J. Gordon Melton (updated: April 14, 2000)

Joseph Kibweteere
Cledonia Mwerinde
Uganda leading members of The Ten Commandments of God
Joseph Kibweteere
Cledonia Mwerinde
From left: Sisters Ursala Kamuhangi and Cledonia Mwerinde, Joseph Kibweteere and Fr. Dominic Kataribabo


"How did murders go unnoticed?"
("Hong Kong Standard", November 4, 2000)

`Bishop' quizzed"
(Agence France-Presse, November 3, 2000)

"Bushara Followers Get Ready for 'Last Supper'"
by Elizabeth Kameo ("New Vision," October 3, 2000)

"Bushara Followers Defy Police Order"
Frederick Kiwanuka ("New Vision," September 28, 2000)

"Iganga's Massiya 'Prophet' Charged"
by Jossy Muhangi (in Iganga) ("New Vision" (Kampala), August 9, 2000)

"Search For Kanungu Leaders Intensifies"
by James Mujuni and Raynel Kanyambu ("New Vision" (Kampala), August 6, 2000)

"Ugandan Doomsday Cult Surfaces In Kenya"
(PANA, July 31, 2000)

"Kanungu Dead Poisoned"
by Matthias Mugisha ("New Vision" (Kampala), July 28, 2000)

"Cult in Uganda Poisoned Many, Police Say"
(AFP, July 28, 2000)

"Most Ugandan cult victims poisoned"
("Daily Mail and Gaurdian," July 27, 2000)

"Bushara Remanded"
("New Vision," July 22, 2000)

"I'm preaching God's word - Bushara"
by Henry Ochieng & Henry Bongyereirwe ("The Monitor," July 20, 2000)

"Uganda police say final cult death toll is 780"
(Reuters, July 20, 2000)

"Uganda Doomsday Cult Leader Arrested"
(Associated Press, July 19, 2000)

"Fugitive Cult Boss Arrested"
by Jossy Muhangi a("New Vision," July 19, 2000)

"Ugandan police arrest cult leader"
(BBC News, July 18, 2000)

"`Bishop' quizzed"
("Hong Kong Standard", July 7, 2000)

"How did murders go unnoticed?"
("Hong Kong Standard", July 7, 2000)

"Ugandan Villagers Avoiding Cult Massacre Site"
by Ian Fisher ("New York Times," July 6, 2000)


The remains of the ramshackle church were scores died
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