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Mungiki Movement (Kenya)

"Mungiki Attack Traders At Wakulima Market" ("The East African Standard," December 11, 2003)

"Mungiki sect leader sees the light" by Otsieno Namwaya ("East African Standard," November 28, 2003)

“Church leaders slam Mungiki sect activities” (“Standard,” October 06, 2003)

“Police to probe Mungiki claim” by Muriithi Muriuki (“The Nation,” September 16, 2003)

“MPs support Mungiki and urge police restraint” (“The Daily Nation,” September 15, 2003)

"16 alleged 'Mungiki' members arrested" ("The Daily Nation," May 20, 2003)

"Taking 'Mungiki' Lightly Will Be a Mistake" by Patrick Mbataru ("The Nation," May 8, 2003)

"Govt Has Wiped Out Mungiki - Minister" by Andrew Teyie and Ben Agina ("The East African Standard," April 30, 2003)

"Mungiki Members Injure 5, Burn Matatus in Attack" by Dominic Wabala ("The East African Standard," April 29, 2003)

"Arrest Mungiki Boss, Demands Clergyman" ("The Nation," April 21, 2003)

"Kenyan sect leader freed" ("BBC News," April 17, 2003)

"Mungiki Boss Seized in Highway Ambush" by Wahome Thuku ("The Nation," April 17, 2003)

"700 'Mungiki' sect member surrender" by Mike Mwaniki ("The Daily Nation," March 12, 2003)

"MPs Making Fools of Themselves" by Magesha Ngwiri ("The Nation," February 23, 2003)

"Commuter Taxis On Strike Over Harassment By 'Mungiki'" ("The Nation," February 18, 2003)

"Mungiki Man Denied Bail" by Beatrice Obwocha ("The East African Standard," February 15, 2003)

"Chief Killed By Mungiki Suspects" by Boniface Gikandi And Joseph Murimi ("The East African Standard," February 8, 2003)

"Five traders arrested over Mungiki funds" by Peter Musa and Julius Bosire ("The Daily Nation," February 8,2003)

"Five businessmen arrested for "funding 'Mungiki'" by Peter Musa ("Daily Nation," February 7, 2003)

"Second policeman killed by 'Mungiki'" by Stephen Muiruri and Mugo Njeru ("Daily Nation," February 7, 2003)

"Mungiki kill policeman, burn bus in orgy of terror" by Ochieng' Ogodo ("East Africa Standard," February 6, 2003)

"Kenyan women protest at 'trouser police'" (BBC News," February 3, 2003)

"Priest arrested over links with Mungiki" ("The East African Standard," January 28, 2003)

"Britain Rejects Asylum Plea for Three Mungiki Members" ("The Nation," January 24, 2003)

"53 Mungiki Suspects Arrested Over Nairobi Terror" by Tom Odula ("The East African Standard," January 22, 2003)

"Mungiki men slash six people in Nairobi streets" by Tom Odula and Dominic Wabala ("The East African Standard," January 20, 2003)

"Mungiki sect leader escapes police arrest" ("The East African Standard," January 20, 2003)

"Five Mungiki Men Nabbed in Molo As 50 Denied Bond" ("The East Africa Standard," January 17, 2003)

"Mungiki boss dares State on crackdown" ("The East Africa Daily Nation," January 13, 2003)

"We'll hit back, vow Mungiki" by Dominic Wabala and Samuel Mburu ("East Africa Standard," January 12, 2003)

"Banned Kenya sect dismisses crackdown, wants jobs" by William Maclean (Reuters, January 12, 2003)

"Shoot Mungiki on sight, PC orders" ("The East African Standard," January 8, 2003)

"War on Mungiki as death toll rises to 23" ("Daily Nation," January 8, 2003)

"Fifteen People Killed in Kenya Gang Violence" by David Mageria (Reuters, January 6, 2003)

"Government says 38 arrested in crackdown on outlawed religious sect involved in fighting over control of bus stops" by Tom Maliti (AP, January 6, 2003)

"Three Killed As Matatu Touts Clash With 'Mungiki'" by Watoro Kamau And Simon Siele ("The Nation," January 5, 2003)

"Outlawed Mungiki Sect Kicked Out From Routes" by Francis Ngige ("The East African Standard," January 3, 2003)

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