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La controversia sul lavaggio del cervello: testi e documenti


Sette, Massimo Introvigne: 'Il plagio non esiste'". Intervista a Magazine, della Scuola di Giornalismo dell'UniveristÓ Cattolica di Milano

Expert Opinion for an Israeli Case (July 2018)

Does Scientology Believe in Brainwashing? The Strange Story of the Brain-Washing Manual of 1955
PowerPoint presentation for Massimo Introvigne's paper at the International Conference on Scientology, Faculty for Comparative Studies of Religions, University of Antwerp, Jan. 25, 2014

Le confessioni del "mostro nello specchio". Arkeon, le associazioni anti-sette e l'Ordine degli Psicologi: un'esperienza personale, di Raffaella di Marzio
The confessions of "the monster in the mirror". Arkeon, the anti-cult associations and the  Order of Psychologists: a personal  experience, by Raffaella di Marzio

Perché no alla legge sulla manipolazione mentale – Massimo Introvigne alla Commissione Giustizia del Senato (21 settembre 2011)

Belgium: "Contested Religious Movements" - A (surprisingly balanced) report by the Federal Agency for Science Policy . English Summary (pdf) - The full text in French is published as a book: "Mouvements religieux contestés : psychologie, droit et politiques de précaution ", Academia Press, Gent.

Papers by Massimo Introvigne from the archives of CESNUR: "Opus Dei and the Anti-cult Movement" (1994) - The Labelling of Certain Catholic and 'Fringe Catholic' Movements as ''Cults'' (1999)

L. Ron Hubbard, Kenneth Goff, and the "Brain-Washing Manual" of 1955, by Massimo Introvigne

Full Text of the Italian Constitutional Court Decision of 1981 in English

Italian Law on Mind Control Shelved by the Senate - La legge sulla manipolazione mentale esce dal calendario del Senato
FAQ sul lavaggio del cervello e la manipolazione mentale, di Massimo Introvigne
Ulteriore documentazione - Further Documents

Si fa presto a dire setta. Perché stiamo approvando una legge liberticida, di Massimo Introvigne (Il Foglio, 23 giugno 2005)
An Open Letter Against the Italian Draft Law on Mental Manipulation - Lettera aperta contro il disegno di legge sulla manipolazione mentale
Italia: "In arrivo la legge anti-sette ma c’è chi teme derive illiberali", di Flavia Amabile (La Stampa, 17 giugno 2005)

Brainwashing Just Ain’t What It Used to Be: From The Manchurian Candidate (1959, 1962) to The Manchurian Candidate (2004), by Massimo Introvigne

Le « sectisme», une nouvelle forme de racisme?, par Lorraine Derocher (Research Assistant, Sherbrooke University, Montréal)

CAN, We Hardly Knew Ye: Sex, Drugs, Deprogrammers’ Kickbacks, and Corporate Crime in the (old) Cult Awareness Network, by Anson Shupe and Susan E. Darnell
The full text of the paper presented at the 2000 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion with 749 pages of photographic reproductions of documents of the old CAN: the largest collection of documents on American anti-cultism now available online.
A Correspondence about “CAN, We Hardly Knew Ye”: Letters from Herb Rosedale, Anson D. Shupe and Massimo Introvigne

Margaret Singer, Mother of Anti-Cult Brainwashing Theory, Dies in Berkeley

Cults, Porn and Hate: Convergent Discourses on First Amendment Restriction, by Dick Anthony and Thomas Robbins

Il candidato della Manciuria: remake in arrivo (13 maggio 2003)

"Fighting the three Cs: Cults, Comics, and Communists - The Critic of Popular Culture as Origin of Contemporary Anti-Cultism" by Massimo Introvigne - A paper presented at the CESNUR 2003 Conference, Vilnius, Lithuania


Conversion and "Brainwashing" in New Religious Movements by Dick Anthony and Thomas Robbins (preliminary draft; final version to appear in The Oxford Handbook of New Religions, edited by James R. Lewis)

The Controversy on Elizabeth Smart: "Experts Say Teen's Compliance Was Not Brainwashing" by Benedict Carey (L. Ang. Times, March 15, 2003)

"The Return of the Brainwashing Defense" by Jack Hitt ("The New York Times", December 15, 2002)

When the European Court of Human Rights Found Against Deprogramming: Text of the 1999 Decision Riera Blume vs Spain

Il lavaggio del cervello: realtà o mito?, di Maria Immacolata Macioti (La critica Sociologica, n. 141, 2002, pp. 135-136)

The Anti-Cultist and the Elephant: "A dose of madness - Forty years ago, two psychiatrists administered history's largest dose of LSD" by Johan Jensen ("The Guardian", August 8, 2002)

Brainwashing, Italian-Style: The Rise and Fall of Plagio, by Massimo Introvigne - A paper presented at CESNUR 2002, Salt Lake City & Provo

Misunderstanding Scholars: A Review of, and a Footnote to, "Misunderstanding Cults", by Massimo Introvigne

Journal for the Scientific Studies of Religion Publishes Symposium on Brainwashing and Anti-Cultism in Europe

"Derrière le procès de l'OTS, les ambiguïtés de la notion de manipulation mentale" par Patricia Briel ("Le Temps", 28 avril 2001) (in French)

France: Socialist Party Proposes Extreme Anti-Cult Law, Making Brainwashing a Crime - Full text of the draft law (in French)

New Comprehensive Book (in German) on Brainwashing Published: Gehirnwäsche und Sekten. Interdisziplinäre Annäherungen., Hg. von J. Gordon Melton und Massimo Introvigne (Marburg: diagonal-Verlag 2000)

Cult War Dialogue: "Combatants in Cult War Attempt Reconciliation Peacemaking conference is held near Seattle" by Don Lattin ("The San Francisco Chronicle", Monday, May 1, 2000)

Deprogramming Kate Winslet: A Review of "Holy Smoke", by Anna and Jane Campion

Cost of an Anti-Cult Affidavit by Stephen Kent: $ 11,000

The Swiss Canton of Geneva Publishes a Report on Mind Control, Proposes Anti-Brainwashing Legislation - by Massimo Introvigne

Deprogramming Kate Winslet: A Review of "Holy Smoke", by Anna and Jane Campion
by Massimo Introvigne

Killing Fields: Lifton, Brainwashing, and Aum Shinri-kyo
A Review of Robert Jay Lifton's "Destroying the World to Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence and the New Global Terrorism" (Metropolitan Books Henry Holt and Company, New York 1999) by Massimo Introvigne

Brainwashing Controversies: Two Papers by Jim Richardson: A critique of "brainwashing" evidence in light of Daubert: Science and unpopular religions, co-authored with Gerald Ginsburg, and A social psychological critique of "brainwashing" claims about recruitment to new religions

Brainwashing and the Cults: the Rise and Fall of a Theory - Text of Dr.J. Gordon Melton's Introduction to the forthcoming book "The Brainwashing Controversy: An Anthology of Essential Documents"

"Brainwashing" : Career of a Myth in the United States and Europe - Paper delivered by Dr Massimo Introvigne at the CESNUR-REMID conference held in Marburg, Germany, on March 27-29,1998

"Liar, Liar": Brainwashing, CESNUR and APA by Massimo Introvigne - With a large collection of documents about APA, U.S. court cases and the brainwashing controversy

The Brainwashing/APA Documents:

  1. Brief of amici curiae, in the version originally signed by APA and dated February 10, 1987, in the case David Molko and Tracy Leal vs Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, et al.
  2. Motion of APA to withdraw as amicus curiae in the Molko case (March 27, 1987).
  3. APA Memorandum on APA activities regarding the Molko case (July 11, 1989).
  4. Last draft of the DIMPAC report.
  5. APA's Board of Social and Ethical Responsibility for Psychology (BSERP) Memorandum of May 11, 1987, with two enclosures.
  6. Order by the Superior Court of the State of California in and for the County of Alameda in the case Margaret Singer et al. vs American Psychological Association et al. (June 17, 1994)

Nuovi movimenti religiosi e salute mentale - Testo della lezione tenuta da Massimo Introvigne il 30.5.1998 presso il Dipartimento di Neuroscienze, Sezione di Psichiatria, dell'Università di Torino, nel corso del Seminario di psichiatria transculturale

"Tra brainwashing e libera scelta - Per una lettura psicologica dell'affiliazione ai Nuovi Movimenti Religiosi"
di Mario Aletti (presidente della Società Italiana di Psicologia della Religione) e Claudia Alberico

La psichiatria e i movimenti anti sette di Ermanno Pavesi - da Cristianità, XXV (243, marzo '97), pp. 7-21

"Bugiardo, bugiardo": il lavaggio del cervello, il CESNUR e l'APA di Massimo Introvigne - con un'ampia collezione di documenti sull'American Psychological Association (APA), i processi negli USA e il "lavaggio del cervello"

La notion de manipulations mentales par Massimo Introvigne (Colloque du CESNUR FRANCE -Paris - 25 avril 1997 - rapport de synthèse)

"Mensonge, mensonge": le lavage de cerveau, le CESNUR et l'APA par Massimo Introvigne - avec une grande collection de documents sur le lavage de cerveau, les procès aux Etats-Unis et l'Association Américaine de Psychologie

"Lügner, Lügner": Gehirnwäsche, CESNUR und APA von Massimo Introvigne. Sie können eine sammlung von Texten zu diesem Thema lesen

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