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Aum Shinri-kyo and Related Controversies

1. Killing Fields: Lifton, Brainwashing, and Aum Shinri-kyo

A Review of Robert Jay Lifton's "Destroying the World to Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence and the New Global Terrorism" (Metropolitan Books Henry Holt and Company, New York 1999) by Massimo Introvigne

2. Related Relevant Articles

"Tokyo court rules doomsday cult guru mentally fit to stand trial" (AFP, December 21, 2004)

"AUM cult founder Asahara suffers from prison-induced mental disorder" ("Kyodo," December 13, 2004)

"Aum Shinri Kyo discussed at Russia-Japan consultations" ("Itar-Tass," December 10, 2004)

"Doomsday cult guru in diapers" ("News24," December 02, 2004)

"3 AUM members arrested over apartment renting" ("Kyodo," November 29, 2004)

"Lawyers request trial suspension of cult guru behind deadly Tokyo subway attack" (AP, November 29, 2004)

“Justice minister backs extension of AUM surveillance law” (“Kyodo,” November 12, 2004)

"Ex-AUM followers indicted over fatal religious training of woman" ("Kyodo," November 11, 2004)

"Aum said still dangerous, to be kept under tight watch" (“The Asahi Shimbun,” November 11, 2004)

"LDP backs extension of surveillance law on Aum" ("Kyodo News," November 11, 2004)

"Court rules gov't right to place killer cult under probation" ("Mainichi Shimbun," October 30, 2004)

"Court rejects AUM cult's request to stop surveillance" ("Kyodo," October 29, 2004)

"AUM splinter group members nabbed for beating woman to death" ("Mainichi Shimbun," Japan, October 21, 2004)

"AUM victims urge gov't to act on compensation" ("Kyodod News," October 6, 2004)

"Police investigate Aum splinter group" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," September 25, 2004)

"Dead Asahara disciple's sibling also died mysteriously" ("Mainichi," September 25, 2004)

"Asahara worshipper dies under bizarre circumstances" ("Mainichi," September 23, 2004)

"Prosecutors drop police shooting case against 4 linked to AUM" ("Kyodo," September 17, 2004)

"AUM's Nakagawa apologizes to son of murder victim" ("Kyodo News," September 13, 2004)

"Asahara trial too quick, says man wrongly suspected in attack" ("Kyodo," September 11, 2004)

"DNA test on coin links ex-AUM member to shooting of NPA chief" ("Kyodo," September 06, 2004)

"College defends rejection of Asahara's daughter" by Yumi Wijers-Hasegawa ("Japan Times," September 02, 2004)

"Aum member, man arrested on suspicion of drug fraud" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," August 16, 2004)

"Prosecutors mishandled NPA shooting" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," July 29, 2004)

"Japan Subway Gassing Sentences Upheld" (AP, July 27, 2004)

"NPA chief shooting suspects to be released" ("Kyodo News," July 27, 2004)

"Suspects may not be charged in shooting of national police chief" ("Kyodo News," July 26, 2004)

"AUM's Hayakawa denies involvement in shooting of NPA chief" ("Kyodo News," July 25, 2004)

"ex-AUM denies shooting NPA chief" ("Kyodo News," July 21, 2004)

"Aum reportedly asked cop to case site before NPA chief was shot" ("The Japan Times," July 11, 2004)

"Cultist on death row named as shooter" ("The Asahi Shimbun," July 09, 2004)

"Cult leader held powwow just before police assassination" ("Mainichi Shimbun," July 08, 2004)

"Top AUM exec busted over illegal 'medicinal' cream sales" ("Mainichi Shimbun," July 06, 2004)

"Decision on Matsumoto appeal trial date delayed" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," June 28, 2004)

"Convicted Aum murderer without lawyer for 20 months" ("Kyodo News," June 10, 2004)

"7 AUM cultists busted for illegally selling skin cream" ("Mainichi Shimbun," June 3, 2004)

"Japanese court sentences doomsday cult intelligence chief to death" (AFP, May 27, 2004)

"Asahara refuses to see lawyer" ("Kyodo News," May 19, 2004)

"Japanese court upholds death sentence for Aum doomsday cult member" (AFP, May 14, 2004)

"Guru's daughter wins school OK" ("Kyodo News," May 07, 2004)

"School must admit cult leader's daughter" ("The Chicago Tribune," May 02, 2004)

"Asahara needs more lawyers: judges" ("The Japan Times," May 02, 2004)

"Bunkyo may admit guru's child" by Hiroshi Matsubara ("The Japan Times," May 01, 2004)

"Another college rejects daughter of Aum founder Asahara" ("Kyodo News," April 30, 2004)

"Neo-fascist ringleader admits attacking leftists, cult" ("Mainichi Shimbun," April 29, 2004)

"B.I. bans two Japanese cult leaders" by G. de Los Santos ("ABC-CBN," April 19, 2004)

"Aum guru's lawyers get record 452 mil. yen in fees" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," April 19, 2004)

"Is the doomsday cult poised for revival?" by Julian Ryallin ("The Scotsman," April 17, 2004)

"Japan Doomsday Cult Still A Threat To Society, Govt Says" (AP, April 16, 2004)

"Subway-attack anniversary marked" ("Japan Times," March 21, 2004)

"AUM guru's daughter refused admission to university" ("Mainichi Daily News," March 16, 2004)

"Lawyers for ex-Aum member seek lighter sentence" ("Japan Today," March 06, 2004)

"Judgment Day" by Ilya Garger ("Time Magazine," March 01, 2004)

"Breakdown of district court ruling on Aum guru Asahara" ("Japan Times," February 29, 2004)

"The guru's role in murder" ("Japan Times," February 29, 2004)

"Japanese still seek spiritual relief in cults despite Aum notoriety" (AFP, February 28, 2004)

Asahara condannato a morte: "La chiave è nella dottrina", di Massimo Introvigne (il Giornale, 28 febbraio 2004)

"Aum members apologize" ("Japan Today," February 28, 2004)

"Doomsday cult guru sentenced to death for Tokyo subway gas attack" (AFP, February 27, 2004)

"Ex-Aum members form 5 sects" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 27, 2004)

"Death sentence for Japan cult guru" (CNN, February 27, 2004)

"Aum's organization just a shell of its old flush self" by Hiroshi Matsubara ("Japan Times," February 26, 2004)

"Doomsday cult shocked world with chemical weapons attack" (AFP, February 26, 2004)

"Judgment day for Sarin cult guru Asahara after eight-year trial" (AFP, February 25, 2004)

"Day of Judgment / Teachings of guru still drive Aum" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 25, 2004)

"Asahara a social fiend or doting guru?" by Hiroshi Matsubara ("Japan Times," February 25, 2004)

"Follower couldn't shake Aum's allure till its 1999 apology" by Hiroshi Matsubara ("Japan Times," February 25, 2004)

"Day of Judgment / Cultists loyal despite Matsumoto's arrest" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 23, 2004)

"Tokyo Doomsday Cult Leader to Face Trial" by Joseph Coleman (AP, February 22, 2004)

"Day of Judgment / Ex-Aum members' reflections provide insight into guru's mind" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 21, 2004)

"Day of Judgement / Aum's tricky guruegotistical and persuasive" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 19, 2004)

"Day of Judgment / Aum's sarin attack fouled raid plan" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 18, 2004)

"Day of Judgment / Aum's actions showed self-righteousness" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 17, 2004)

"Day of Judgement / Matsumoto's Aum cult grew rapidly in late '80s" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 16, 2004)

"Falsely accused Matsumoto man wants fair Asahara ruling" ("Kyodo," February 16, 2004)

"Japan Raids HQ of Cult in '95 Gas Attack" by Mari Yamaguchi (AP, February 16, 2004)

"Japan Cult Members Return To Grp After Attack, Arrest-Rpt" (AP, February 14, 2004)

"Day of Judgment / Matsumoto's decision to be 'big' followed by fraud, arrest" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 14, 2004)

"Asahara death would be 'loss for mankind,' says Russian follower" ("Kyodo," February 13, 2004)

"Day of Judgement / Humble beginnings shed light on Aum cult leader" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 12, 2004)

"Day of Judgment / Aum leader still haunts jailed followers" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 12, 2004)

"Top court upholds life term for ex-Aum member" ("Japan Today," February 11, 2004)

"Day Of Judgment / Origin of Aum's appeal unknown" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," February 10, 2004)

"Aum member Tsuchiya appeals death sentence" ("Japan Today," February 04, 2004)

"Cult man sentenced to death for Tokyo gas attack" (Reuters, January 30, 2004)

3. Alternative Views

"Japan's Imperial-Era Society: From the Anti-AUM Movement to the Elimination of all Heterodoxies"
a report by Kenichi Asano (Professor of Journalism, Doshisha University)

"The "De-nationalization" of AUM Followers: Its Hidden Political Purpose"
("Tsukuru", November 1999) 
by Masaaki Fukuda (Professor of Law, Hitotsubashi University)

Aum's Own Website: http://info.aleph.to

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