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Mungiki Movement (Kenya)

"Police shoot dead seven suspected Kenya sect members" (AFP, March 11, 2010)

"10,000 attend Kenya sect funeral, claim Christianity" (AFP, January 24, 2010)

"Converted mungiki leader is baptised" by Margaret Kalekye and George Kithuka ("Kenya Broadcasting Corporation," December 06, 2009)

"Nine suspected Mungiki members killed" ("Afrol News," November 12, 2009)

"Vigilantes, Mungiki brace for war" by CCI Team ("The Standard," November 04, 2009)

"Eight held as police break up night oath" by George Munene ("Daily Nation," November 01, 2009)

"Mungiki sect head freed in Kenya" ("BBC," October 27, 2009)

"Outlawed sect members posing as matatu crews" ("Daily Nation," October 08, 2009)

"Police told to crush Mungiki" by Fred Mukinda ("Daily Nation," June 01, 2009)

"Mungiki leader sues government over re-arrest" by Lempaa Suyianka and Dzuya Walters ("Kenya Broadcasting Corporation," May 06, 2009)

"Funeral service held for Karatina massacre victims" by Rose Kamau ("Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation," April 30, 2009)

"Elite squad goes after Mungiki" by John Njagi and James Kariuki ("Daily Nation," April 29, 2009)

"Mungiki leader freed, re-arrested" by Sam Kiplagat ("Daily Nation," April 28, 2009)

"GSU to hunt down sect members" by John Njagi and George Munene ("Daily Nation," April 25, 2009)

"Gang now takes war to the church" by Mwangi Muiruri ("The Standard," April 22, 2009)

"Kenya villagers, gang members clash: 24 killed" by Tom Odula (AP, April 21, 2009)

"40 Mungiki suspects charged with illegal oathing" ("Kenya Broadcasting Corporation," March 09, 2009)

"Police on high alert over Mungiki protests" by Bernard Momanyi ("Captial News," March 04, 2009)

"Mungiki leaders meet UN investigators" by Cyrus Ombati and Peter Atsiaya ("The Standard," February 23, 2009)

"Demonstrators accuse police over disappearance of kin" by Ramadhan Rajab and Cyrus Ombati ("The Standard," February 09, 2009)

"Church takes up role of initiating youth to adulthood" by Kirubi Maina and Boniface Gikandi ("The Standard", December 07, 2008)

"Kibaki orders Mungiki crackdown" by Wilfred Muchire ("Daily Nation", December 05, 2008)

"Mungiki sect leader is shot dead" (BBC, April 28, 2008)

"Kenya police tear-gas banned sect" (BBC, April 18, 2008)

"Kenyans killed in sect protests" (BBC, April 14, 2008)

"200 sect members held in Kenya" ("News 24", April 04, 2008)

"Kenya Police Fire Teargas to Halt Gang Protest" (Reuters, March 05, 2008)

"Lawyers say police killed 8,000 Kenyans in sect crackdown" by Bogonko Bosire (AFP, November 25, 2007)

"Kenyan police arrest members of sect blamed for murders" (AFP, October 24, 2007)

"Kenyan policeman beheaded" (AFP, September 16, 2007)

"Kenyan police arrest members of sect blamed for murders" (AFP, September 04, 2007)

"Kenya 'gang leader' arrested" (AP, August 22, 2007)

"Two-year-old boy beheaded" (Reuters, July 12, 2007)

"Gang war in Kenya leaves 11 police dead" (Reuters, July 04, 2007)

"Brutal Kenyan Sect Aims to Provoke Strife" by Stephanie McCrummen ("Washington Post," July 02, 2007)

"Bodies pile up in Kenya's Mungiki gang war" by Wangui Kanina and C. Bryson Hull (Reuters, June 26, 2007)

"Kenya police slay five suspected members of killer sect" (AFP, June 25, 2007)

"Kenyan ex-sect leader jailed" (AFP, June 21, 2007)

"Kenya police slay three in highway clash with killer sect" (AFP, June 08, 2007)

"Gunfire in Nairobi slum kills 11" by Tom Odula (AP, June 07, 2007)

"Bloodstained sect sows fear through Kenya" by Karen Calabria (AFP, June 7, 2007)

"Police in Kenya Kill 22 in Gun Battles Over Sect" (AP, June 06, 2007)

"Kenyan police slay 21 suspected members of banned sect" (AFP, June 05, 2007)

"Outlawed sect beheads two more in Kenya" (Reuters, June 02, 2007)

"2.464 sect suspects arrested in Kenya" by Malkhadir M. Muhumed (AP, June 01, 2007)

"Mungiki’s chilling warning to defectors" ("Kenya Times," May 31, 2007)

"Kenyan police battle 'Mungiki' gang, six more die" by Jeremy Clarke (Reuters, May 28, 2007)

"Kenya court acquits ex-leader of sect" by Robert Hummy (Reuters, May 24, 2007)

"Six beheadings blamed on sect shock Kenyans" (Reuters, May 22, 2007)

"Mungiki members set free" by Nancy Wangui ("Standard," May 15, 2007)

"Kenya: Police Find Mungiki Register" by Evelyne Ogutu ("East African Standard," April 26, 2007)

"Kenyan policeman killed in battle with banned cult" (Reuters, April 24, 2007)

"Government extends olive branch to Mungiki if they renounce the sect" by Bernard Momanyi ("Capital FM," April 20, 2007)

"500 Mungiki suspects are arrested in swoop, says PC" by Antony Ndwigah ("Kenya Times," April 06, 2007)

"Current law on outlawed sects feeble, say police" by Rose Welimo ("KBC News," April 04, 2007)

"Police crackdown on Mungiki suspects intensifies" by Daniel Langat ("KBC News," March 31, 2007)

Special police unit formed to fight Mungiki sect" by Bernard Momanyi ("Capital FM," March 29, 2007)

"‘Mungiki’ houses set ablaze" by Evelyn Ogutu and Cyrus Ombati ("East Africa Standard," March 27, 2007)

"Police arrest 800 Mungiki members" ("Standard," December 26, 2006)

"Ex-cult leader charged over Kenyan slum clashes" (Reuters, December 20, 2006)

"Former sect leader held after slum violence" by Bosire Nyairo (Reuters, December 18, 2006)

"Kenyan police kill three in slum clashes" (AFP, December 17, 2006)

"Leader of brutal cult sees the Light" by Dominic Wabala ("Daily Nation," December 03, 2006)

"Kenya: MPs Condemn March By Outlawed Sect" ("East African Standard," November 8, 2006)

"Gang war erupts in Kenyan slum" (AFP, November 06, 2006)

67 Suspected Mungiki Sect Members Arrested" ("East African Standard," May 07, 2006)

"Police link killings to sect" ("The Standard," May 05, 2006)

"Suspected Mungiki leader arrested" by Titus Maero and Barry Salil ("Kenya Times," May 04, 2006)

"11 mungiki suspects arrested" by Emmanuel Kolo ("KBC," May 03, 2006)

"Suspected Mungiki Boss On Gun Charge" by Judy Ogutu ("East African Standard," February 10, 2006)

"Sons of the Mau Mau' direct hate at Kenya's corrupt elite" by Paul Willis ("Telegraph," February 05, 2006)

"Mungiki sect leader arrested" by Graham Kirwa ("KBC," February 02, 2006)

"200 Mungiki suspects arrested" ("KBC," January 29, 2006)

"50 Mungiki suspects arrested in Kandara" by Maxwel Masava ("Kenya Times," January 22, 2006)

"Mungiki shoot, injure police officers" ("KBC," January 21, 2006)

"Five Mungiki members hacked to death" by Maxwell Masava ("Kenya Times," January 20, 2006)

"Mungiki still going strong despite Govt ban" by Steven Mkawale ("The Standard," January 17, 2006)

"Kenya orders crackdown on outlawed sect" (AFP, January 13, 2006)

"More Mungiki suspects nabbed" ("KBC," January 02, 2006)

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