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Gellar as Buffy
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Nikki STAFFORD, "Bite Me! Sarah Michelle Gellar and Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
Toronto (Ontario): ECW Press, 1998.

Short Gellar bio and episode guide up to May 1998 ("Becoming, Part II").

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Ted EDWARDS, "Buffy X-Posed. The Unauthorized Biography of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Her On-Screen Character"
Rocklin (CA): Prima Publishing, 1998.

Short Gellar bio followed by an episode guide (as usual, up to May 1998, "Becoming, Part II") and very basic information on vampires and vampire slayers.

Buy this book Phelan POWELL, Sarah Michelle Gellar: A Real-Life Reader Biography
Bear (Delaware): Mitchell Lane Publishers, 2001
Buy this book Cynthia LASLO, Sarah Michelle Gellar
New York - London - Hong Kong - Sydney - Danbury (Connecticut): Children’s Press, 2000.
Buy this book Marie Moretti, Space View- Special: Vampirserien - Buffy privat. Sarah Michelle Gellar
Paperback, Königswinter: Heel Verlag, 2001.
Buy this book Gunter SIPPERT, Sarah Michelle Gellar: Eine Unautorisierte Biographie
Kaufbeuren (Germania): Action Media Verlag, 2001
Buy this book Marilyn D. ANDERSON, Sarah Michelle Gellar: Galaxy of Superstars
Philadelphia (Pennsylvania): Chelsea House Publishers, 2002

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