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Shoko AsaharaAum Shinri-kyo and Related Controversies

1. Killing Fields: Lifton, Brainwashing, and Aum Shinri-kyo

A Review of Robert Jay Lifton's "Destroying the World to Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence and the New Global Terrorism" (Metropolitan Books Henry Holt and Company, New York 1999) by Massimo Introvigne.

2. Related Relevant Articles

"Doomsday cult dangerous, says security chief" by Teruaki Ueno (Reuters, November 03, 2006)

"Japanese court to punish cult guru's lawyers" (AFP, September 25, 2006)

"Aum split over 'fees' to guru's wife" by Keisuke Nishikawa ("Asahi Shimbun," September 22, 2006)

"Japan security raids death cult offices" (AFP, September 16, 2006)

"Cult guru to hang for Tokyo subway attack" (Reuters, September 15, 2006)

"Final ruling on Japan cult guru imminent" (Reuters, September 11, 2006)

"Supreme Court throws out appeal by former Aum doomsday cult member" (AP, September 05, 2006)

"Asahara's daughter asks court to appoint anti-AUM journalist as guardian" ("Mainichi," August 29, 2006)

"Ex-senior AUM member Tsuchiya appeals death sentence" ("Kyodo," August 24, 2006)

"Aum cult leader aiming to bolster his position" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," August 23, 2006)

"Japan court upholds death sentence for cult chemist" (Reuters, August 18, 2006)

"Guru tests Japan's legal system" (AP, August 13, 2006)

"Court dumps lawsuit over restrictions on visits to Asahara" ("Mainichi," July 25, 2006)

"Police raid places related to 2 ex-AUM cult members over fraud" ("Kyodo News," July 20, 2006)

"Aum's Joyu faction looks ready to form new sect" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," July 03, 2006)

"Haunted by Tokyo cult" by Christopher Hogg ("BBC News," June 18, 2006)

"Asahara to Make Last Appeal to Avoid Death for Tokyo Gas Attack" by Tak Kumakura and Aaron Sheldrick ("Bloomberg," June 05, 2006)

"Japan cult boss petition rejected" by Chris Hogg ("BBC News," May 30, 2006)

"Joyu's cult" by Hiroshi Matsubara ("Asahi," May 26, 2006)

"AUM cult thought to be heading toward split" ("Kyodo," May 11, 2006)

"New entity to handle Aum compensation" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," May 08, 2006)

"Aum to split following internal rift" ("Asahi Shimbun," May 04, 2006)

"Aum told to vacate Chiba condo" ("Yomiuri Shimbun," May 04, 2006)

"Asahara daughters sue government over rejection of appeal" (AP, April 30, 2006)

"Investigators probe Japanese doomsday cult headquarters on fears of resurgence" (AP, April 18, 2006)

"School rejects another child of Japan doomsday cult leader" (AFP, April 07, 2006)

"Cult Leader Should Not Be Executed, Daughters Say" by Bruce Wallace" ("LA Times," April 02, 2006)

"Lawyers seek Japan cult guru death sentence appeal" (Reuters, March 30, 2006)

"Japanese Court Denies Cult Leader's Appeal" (AP, March 27, 2006)

"Some AUM victims back court decision on Asahara, others question it" ("Kyodo," March 27, 2006)

"Japan marks 11th anniversary of urban terror" ("SAPA," March 20, 2006)

"Ex-AUM member appeals high court's upholding of death sentence" ("Kyodo," March 16, 2006)

"Former Japan cult member's appeal rejected" by Chisaki Watanabe (AP, March 15, 2006)

"Junior high school denies entry to AUM founder's son" ("Kyodo," March 02, 2006)

"Asahara's lawyers seek open hearing with psychiatrist who examined him" ("Kyodo," March 01, 2006)

"Key man in Japanese doomsday cult appeals death sentence" (AFP, March 01, 2006)

"Prosecutors demand court dismiss appeal of AUM founder Asahara" ("Kyodo," February 24, 2006)

"Japan Cult Guru Unfit for Appeal, His Lawyer Says" (Reuters, February 21, 2006)

"Japan cult ex-guru deemed fit for appeal: media" by Teruaki Ueno (Reuters, February 20, 2006)

"Wako University told to pay for denying entry to AUM founder's daughter" ("Kyodo," February 20, 2006)

"Report on Aum founder's mental fitness due shortly" ("Asahi Shimbun," February 17, 2006)

"Ministry panel approves 3-year extension of AUM surveillance" ("Kyodo," January 23, 2006)

"Asahara not fit for trial: psychiatrist" ("Japan Times," January 17, 2006)

"AUM still keeping founder Asahara's sermons justifying murder" ("Mainichi," January 12, 2006)

"AUM faction led by Joyu earned 10 mil. yen from year-end seminars" ("Kyodo," January 12, 2006)

"Psychiatrist says AUM founder Asahara unfit for trial" ("Kyodo," January 07, 2006)

"AUM follower files damage suit to read sermon collections" ("Kyodo," January 05, 2006)

3. Alternative Views

"Japan's Imperial-Era Society: From the Anti-AUM Movement to the Elimination of all Heterodoxies"
a report by Kenichi Asano (Professor of Journalism, Doshisha University)

"The "De-nationalization" of AUM Followers: Its Hidden Political Purpose"
("Tsukuru", November 1999) 
by Masaaki Fukuda (Professor of Law, Hitotsubashi University)

Aum's Own Website: http://info.aleph.to

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